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Slab leaks / Leak detection

Signs You Need Slab Leak Repair

Keeping your eyes peeled for any signs of slab leaks in your home is vital. It could mean the difference between a simple leak repair and an extensive construction project. Watch for the following signs in your home that are a sign you need slab leak repair:

Increase in your water bill

Standing water around the foundation of your home.

Wet, leaking, or cracked concrete.

Water stains on your floor or walls.

Cold spots on the floor or walls.

 As soon as you notice these signs, call the Quality Plumbing Sevices who can handle this type of problem have the right equipment to detect and repair slab leaks. These types of leaks aren't always visible, so your home may only be showing you a hint of the problem if you see a crack running up a wall, ceiling, or in the foundation itself. Water can travel quite a distance before you see signs of dampness so it can be difficult to identify the source, or even determine if it’s from the roof or plumbing . That's why leak detection is so important because you can't directly see the leak and can't visibly tell where it is until you start digging into and breaking apart the foundation. Leaks can cause mold growth hidden inside walls where you can’t see it (mold doesn’t need light to grow) but where it can still cause serious health problems and damage building materials.

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